Mushroom Essay

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Foreword: “Authentic Mushroom BD” will be a prime producer and developer of Mushroom in Bangladesh. Mushroom is a large reproductive structure of edible fungi, which is the most popular nutritious, delicious and medicinal vegetable in the world. It is now one of the promising concepts for crop diversification in Bangladesh. The climatic condition of Bangladesh is completely suitable for mushroom cultivation. As it does not require any cultivable land, it can grow in room by racking vertically. Therefore, its yield as well as benefit per unit area is higher than any other vegetable in our country. It requires short time, little capital and easy technique for cultivation. The raw materials for mushroom cultivation like sawdust, paddy straw, wheat straw, sugar can baggage, waste paper, used cotton, dervishes etc are very cheap and available in our country and no materials are required to import from abroad for its cultivation. Moreover, no chemical is necessary for its cultivation, therefore it is completely organic and eco-friendly. Used substrate of mushroom cultivation is one of the best sources of organic matter in the soil. Highlights: Objectives: • Build and create a mushroom Farm that will produce different kinds of mushroom products in its own cultivation center, located in Savar. It will develop further improvement and way of producing more different and quality mushroom products in context of Bangladesh in its own laboratory. • Deliver one of the most popular nutritious, delicious and medicinal vegetable to the poor people of Bangladesh and speared a low cost malnutrition for the poor people of Bangladesh. • As business is a socio-economic activity, it arranged a training center to train the poor and disable people to learn the cultivation procedure of mushroom, learn the prospects of mushroom and “Authentic Mushroom BD” will

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