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Why do people visit museums when they go to new places? That’s a big question, that I don’t know how to answer it, but I think people do it for many reason. Some of them are because they want to learn about the culture of the country. Also, in each country you can find different kinds of museum. Others go to practice their second language with foreign people and finally because they want to do something interesting in their free time. Anyways everybody can choose what kind of museum they want to visit and what they want to do the there. To get knowledge is the best thing you can do in your life. That’s why people love to know and visit different parts of the world. They want to learn about the culture, the history and the creation of that country. Each country has different kinds of museums, so people can choose what they want to learn; we can find museums of nature, air, animals, presidents, etc., those are the most important. When I came to the U.S the first thing I did was going to the museum. There I could see the wonderland where I was stand. Also I saw those technological advances that people did before I was born. In that way it was easy for me to love this country. To be bilingual can open you many doors. Everybody thinks on their future, so they try to learn and practice a new language. Some of them think that it is better to go straight to the country and visit museums to introduce themselves with foreign speakers. For them, to try to understand what the guide is explaining is the best way to learn. I had visited Also many museums since I been in the U.S. There I learn many new words in English. While I was listening to the guide, I also was looking toward to the past. Museums are the best places to learn a second language quickly. What do you want to do with your free time? Some people use it to visit museums and learn about the past to not repeat

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