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Blanco, Patricia Grace F. August 18, 2014 101B August 11, 2014 we had our museum tour at the Subiaco as part of our Euthenics class with Ms. Cathy. At the museum, there’s Ms. Muñoz, curator; she is the one in charge in the museum such as conducting a tour for guests and students and she also took care of the museum. First thing first, the museum would not be possible without the help of its benefactors; Cojuangco, Villar, and children of Aquino are one of the benefactors of the museum and at the same time alumnae’s of St. Scholastica’s College-Manila. Anyways, there are four things that fascinated me in the museum. First, the relic of St. Scholastica, there’s a weird feeling while I am staring at it. Actually, I never had favorites when it comes to saints but this one is different because knowing the fact that St. Scholastica was not from our country but as the Manila Priory we had the privilege to have her in our museum and ‘twas exemplary feeling for all. Second, seeing the picture of the boats that the five nuns rode on going to the Philippines to proclaim the good news of God as the Aglipayans and Protestanism conquered the Christianity. Ms. Muñoz stressed that it took half of the year before they were able to come here to the Philippines. In that part, I could see and feel the dedications of the Benedictine sisters to help us because of their hard work and sacrifices just to go here. Third, the active involvement of St. Scholastica’s College to politics, here, I could see that since then the SSC helps to promote the humanity whether in women and men and de stigmatized and empowered women. Here in the Philippines, the poor family continues to be poor because of the deprivation of the government and women were wholly underestimated. In SSC they wanted us to put God first in everything we do so that we could make volitions or decisions that are

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