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A Day at the Museum Museums usually do not spark an interest because I always thought that it deals with history. History class always ended up making me fall asleep and I did not wish to experience that again. However, after watching Night at the Museum, I realized that every painting or piece of artwork tells an interesting story. After the movie, I decided to visit the American Museum of Natural History and check out the biodiversity as well as the ocean life exhibits because I love nature. My experience at the museum was actually quite interesting. I learned so much about how little things affect the environment greatly. I learned about various animals and how they affect the environment. I did not expect to learn about subjects relating to the present. There were many interesting pieces at the museum, but something that many people overlook actually caught my attention. Coral reefs caught my attention right away because they are actually very important to the environment and as the climate gets warmer, they are slowly decreasing in number. They provide habitats for thousands of sea creatures, good sources of food and medicine and protection from erosion. Coral reefs form natural barriers that protect nearby shorelines from erosion, which can also protect nearby land and even beaches.. Corals become stressed from the amount of light or heat they receive, and depending on the light they may either recover or die. The worlds largest reef, the Great Barrier Reef, could be extinct in a matter of thirty years if the climate changes continue. I actually learned something new because I learned that corals are actually tiny animals that are not mobile. I thought they were just plants all my life. They catch their food such as plankton or small fish with their tentacles. Coral reefs cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface, but actually house over 25% of sea life.

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