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Helene Baczkowski FYO October 7, 2013 Mütter Museum I really enjoyed my experience at the Mütter Museum. Before arriving, I had no idea what this museum was nor have I ever even heard of it. I found it very interesting because there were so many abnormalities and diseases that I learned about and no idea existed. When I first walked into the museum, I was a bit nervous. There were so many body parts, infants dead bodies, skeletons, and more; I felt overwhelmed. However, as I walked around the museum, I became very intrigued. The most fascinating thing that I saw in the museum, was the bust of the two Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker. They were attached by the liver (which is also found in the museum). These twins interested me because their story was very different and unusual from what I expected. These brothers did not let their handicap get in the way of living their lives. They were both married (to sisters nonetheless), had their own farms, and had twenty-one children between them. Chang and Eng had different personalities and attempted to live different lives. They both died in January 1874 at the age of 63. There are many things that I remember from the museum that fascinated me. Three things that I liked the most were the wall of skulls, the Soap Lady, and the tallest skeleton in North America. The wall of skulls was astonishing because it told the different diseases that people had died from, yet most of them looked the same. The Soap Lady actually made me scared, but curious at the same time. Her corpse turned into a soapy substance and has stayed that way for over 130 years. In the Mütter Museum, there is a display that features the skeleton of the world’s tallest man. This skeleton is 7 feet 6 inches tall and stands next to a skeleton a of dwarf and that dwarf’s new born child’s skeleton. All three of these displays are not only fascinating

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