Muscular System Case Study

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Muscular System Overview To complete this worksheet, select: Module: Support and Movement Activity: Anatomy Overviews Title: Muscular System: Overview 1. Click the Skeletal Muscle Cross Section and identify each of the following. Consult your textbook for a description of each. Epimysium the connective tissue that surrounds the entire muscle at the outermost layer of the muscle. Deep Fascia connective tissue with dense irregular tissue that lines the body wall and limbs. Muscle Cell muscle fibers that are elongated and striated and multinucleated. A skeletal muscle fiber is actually embryonic cells that have fused together to form one large cell with multiple nuclei. Perimysium dense…show more content…
Myofibrils are composed of smaller filaments. Identify each of these structures in the diagram. Actin Filaments Muscle fiber Myosin Filaments Titan Filaments Terminal cisterns of SR Mitochondria Sarcoplasmic Reticulum () Sarcolemma Myofibrils Sarcomere Sarcoplasm T (transverse) tubules Describe what happens when a sarcomere shortens. The shortening of a sarcomere causes the shortening of the whole muscle fiber, which in turn leads to shortening of the entire muscle. Identify each of the following: Origins of triceps brachii Belly of triceps brachii Insertion of triceps brachii humerus 4. Identify each of the following: Origins of biceps brachii Tendons Belly of biceps brachii Elbow joints Radius Ulna * Describe the following muscle functions * Movement producing body producing body movements such as exercising and simple facial expressions are the

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