Muscular Dystrophy Essay

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Muscular Dystrophy Disease Muscular Dystrophy is a number of disorders that decrease the function of the muscles andothers that control the internal organs. The meaning of muscular dystrophy means that thenourishment for the muscles is defective (Abramovitz 15-29). All muscular dystrophy diseaseshave three things in common: they are all hereditary, they are all progressive; and each havecharacteristics and continue weakness. The word dystrophy comes from the Greek words “dys,”meaning abnormal, and “trophe,” which means nourishment (Abramovitz 15-29). Many of thesediseases are very critical to a person’s ability to be mobile. Muscular Dystrophy is caused bygene mutations and is first shown at birth or later in childhood. Many doctors are trying to findthe treatment and cure for muscular dystrophy by doing research. How the body works is with two different types of muscles. The types of muscles arevoluntary, smooth, and heart muscles. The human body contains 434 voluntary muscles, alsoknown as skeletal muscles (Abramovitz 15-29). How we move our muscles is by moving orrelaxing them. Our others muscles on the other hand such as smooth and heart muscles, do nothave to constantly control them. This disease only has to consist with voluntary muscles, but youcan also end up having heart and smooth muscle problems. When a person has a disease likemuscular dystrophy, their muscles lose the ability to contract and relax and begin to get weak(Abramovitz 15-29). 2. Courtney WintzellOctober 18, 20111st period Diagnosis of any type of Muscular Dystrophy can sometimes be difficult because many ofthem resemble each other (Abramovitz, 15-29). Muscular Dystrophy was first described in 1830by a Scottish surgeon Sir Charles Bell (Abramovitz 15-29). When a doctor tries to figure outwhat kind of muscular dystrophy, he or she will send you to what is called neurologists. Aneurologist is a

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