Murders Essay

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Star Magazine Star Dish Justin Bieber's Charity Donation This magainze article is about how Justin Bieber failed to deliever to deiever his promise of donating a protion of his sales on his hit single "Turn to You" to the Bethesa Center, which is a salvation Army, locaed in London, Ontario, that supports young teenage moms. The writer of this specific article intentionally gave a negative spin to show people that he is not the person that people make him out to be. I am personally not a fan of him myself, but the terminology that the writer used is directed towards his fans, and making sure that they are aware of his negatives as much as his positives. The write makes sure to highlight that because of the lack of Justin Biber's contribution, the whole facility has to be shut down now because they were not able to meet their 1.5 million dollar goal. "We haven't had any communication from Justin" says the organization's rep. "There's been no indication at all that there would be proceeds in the future". Although I do agree with the writer of this article- to a certain extent, I do not think that they should be a spin on this article that makes Justin Biber look as if he doesn't care about the community in which he is from. "It's not easy for the girls here. They would love to stay," says Brenda Tviet, who works at the facility and even housed Justin's mom, Pattie Mallette in 1994." "It's heartbreaking". As much as I can understand all of the empolyees frusttation, is it really nessecaesary for them to put such a negative view on Bieber, along with his mother, seeing as she should of told him to donate some of his money, especailly since she was a young mom there once herself. This article can be viewed in a variety of different ways. The first emotions that the reader wants you to feel while assesing this article is frustration and sadness. Those are the

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