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Throughout The Murders in the Rue Morgue and A Study in Scarlet, we deal with four partners that express and show their relationship in a variety of different ways. Even though a reader may say that both relationships started off well-built, another may disagree. Initially, the detectives and their sidekick intertwined in a more relaxed and peaceful relationship, that didn’t involve much communication. In The Murders in the Rue Morgue, Dupin and the narrator, otherwise known as his companion, shared a controversial relationship. At first it seemed as if these two characters would not have a strong connection. It appeared like both men had a completely different mindset. Also, this applies to the relationship between Holmes and Watson in A Study in Scarlet. The connection started off weak and did not show signs of any progression. On the contrary, as I continued to read, the relatively weak relationships developed into sturdy relationships. I believe that the detectives and sidekicks developed a relationship that grows stronger over the course of the stories. No one would consider the ending result of these relationships to be perfect, but they definitely finished with signs of hope. The stories actually start off in the same direction. Dupin and Holmes stumbled upon roommates that they would live with. The narrator would randomly stagger upon Dupin at an “obscure library” (Poe 337). As his future roommate began to know him, he became excited and astonished at Dupin’s superior knowledge and imagination. “I felt my soul enkindled within me by the wild fervor, and the vivid freshness of his imagination” (Poe 337). The narrator was strung on Dupin’s brilliance from the beginning. The reason why Dupin wasn’t exuberant, as was his companion, was the result of Dupin being so dedicated in his exercise of being a detective. This doesn’t mean that they had no

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