Murderball Essay

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| Murderball Documentary Paper | | This is a quick Summary of Murderball and the reasons as to why the people in the film are a microculture and use privacy and individualism in their communication. | Murderball Documentary Paper The Murderball Documentary was filmed on American male paraplegics that have had to deal with becoming disabled. Some of them have become disabled by accidents and others by medical diseases. The men in this documentary come together to play wheelchair rugby in competitions to compete against teams from other countries all over the world. The men are athletes that have coped with their disability and became successful. These paraplegic men are a microculture because they have different behaviors from the rest of the macroculture and they communicate better with people who have experienced similar life experiences. It is a long hard battle for people that have become disabled. A paraplegic is someone who has no movement in their legs and some movement in their arms depending on how severe or where the damage was done on their spinal cord. This culture must wake up from their accident or condition and come to grip with the fact that they will never be normal again. In this film there is an American Paralympic Rugby team that battles everyday life to become strong figures in society. The game of wheelchair Rugby is also known as murderball and is very violent. The players crash in to each other’s chairs to stop the opposite team from crossing the goal line with the ball. They have to dribble once every ten seconds and can pass it back and forth with their teammates. Murderball is a very brutal game because they knock each other out of their chairs at times and must also use specially made chairs to compete. There are very intense tryouts to even pick the team, with over five hundred people trying to get on the
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