Murder on the Orient Express Letter

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Murder on the Orient Express: Letter From a Character Dear Mother, Greetings, Mother. It seems like an eternity since I last wrote to you. I just thought that I’d keep you up to date with my recent experiences. Being a detective, I witness many surprising events. I recently boarded the Taurus Express to Istanbul. After arriving, I check in at the Tokatlian Hotel next to the train stop. But as soon as I checked in, I received a telegram telling me to go back to England. I was waiting for the train to take me back to London when I saw an old friend of mine, M. Bouc. M. Bouc arranged a place for me in the Orient Express. In the dining room of the Tokatlian Hotel, I see a man named Ratchett. He did not give me a good first impression: “‘When he passed me in the restaurant,’ he said at last, ‘I had a curious impression. It was as though a wild animal—an animal savage, but savage! you understand—had passed me by.’” (Christie 13) When boarding the Orient Express, I had to take the second-class cabin in A. M. Harris’s place. When I arrived in my cabin, I was approached by Ratchett. He asked for my help because he was receiving many death threats, such as: “The first letter ran as follows: Thought you’d double-cross us and get away with it, did you? Not on your life. We’re out to GET you, Ratchett, and we WILL get you!...We’re going to take you for a ride, Ratchett. Some time soon. We’re going to GET you—see?” (Christie 31) I refused to help him because I feel extreme dislike for him. No amount of money would get me to work for him. Awhile later, M. Bouc gave me his first-class cabin next to Ratchett because he wanted to move to a different coach. That night, the train came to a halt and I heard a terrible noise: “He awoke some hours later, awoke with a start. He knew what it was that had wakened him—a loud groan, almost a cry, somewhere close at hand. At the same
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