Murder on a Sunday Morning

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Dion Roberts Law & Social Psychology Dec. 3, 2014 Film Analysis Paper The documentary “Murder on a Sunday Morning”, is a documentary based on the Brenton Butler case, which documents one of America's most mishandled cases. The Brenton Butler case takes place in Jacksonville, Florida where an elderly white female (Mrs. Stevens) was robbed and shot at gunpoint by a black male, during the robbery she was shot and killed. The only person that witnessed the murder of Mrs. Stevens was by her husband (Mr. James Stevens). The assailant of the crime is described as a skinny black male, approximately six feet in height, aged 20 to 25 years of age. But Brenton Butler, a 15 year old black male was arrested, Butler is much younger and shorter than the criminal that was describe to the police, the only description Brenton Butler fits is being Black. Brenton Butler was subjected to a show up, he was placed in a patrol car and shown to the husband, who at that time makes a positive eye witness that Butler is the man who shot and killed his wife. This documentary highlights the evident problems in our judicial system relating to juveniles accused of crimes. The Butler case was handled in one of the most incompetent and inappropriate ways possible. The Jacksonville Police were more focused on getting a quick conviction rather doing good police work. The lack of good police work lead to a false conviction of an innocent 15-year old for a crime he never committed. The police overlooked many psychological factors that would easily lead to a wrongful conviction, like improper lineup procedures, improper and investigative interviewing procedures, and coercive confession tactics. Studies have shown that memory and recall are more fallible than people think. That means many eyewitness identifications are responsible for many wrongful convictions. Eyewitnesses are asked to

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