Murder In Susan Glaspell's An Inspector Calls

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Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale were brought together by the murder that just occurred in their hometown. The two ladies began to start feeling closer, because of the judgment from the men about the way Mrs. Wright not being much of a housekeeper. As you would notice some of the remarks made by the County Attorney (with the gallantry of a young politician): And yet, for all their worries, what would we do without the ladies? (The women do not unbend. He goes to the sink, takes a dipperful of water from the pail and, pouring it into a basin, washes his hands. Starts to wipe them on the roller towel, turns it for a cleaner place.) Dirty towels! (Kicks his foot against the pans under the sink.) Not much of a housekeeper, would you say, ladies? Mrs. Hale (stiffly): There’s a great deal of work to be done on a farm. (Glaspell, 2011, p. 143) I think that Mr. Wright may have been the kind of person that had maybe two different personalities. In the public eye he was remembered as a “good man”, but then at home he neglected his wife’s happiness and paid little attention what she may have wanted or what she may had enjoyed. (2011) The play centers on the motive for his murder, in which the men are trying fiercely to prove that Mrs. Wright have committed the murder of her husband not knowing that Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale had already just about put the pieces together themselves. Reference:…show more content…
(2011). Trifles. In D.L. Pike and A.M. Acosta’s (Eds.) Literature: A world of writing stories, poems, plays, and essays [VitalSource digital version] (pp. 139-145). Boston, MA: Pearson Learning

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