Murder by Decree

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The movie Murder by Decree is a thrilling mystery movie about the case of Jack the Ripper. Solving the case is the great Sherlock Holmes and his trust assistant Dr. Watson. The director Bob Clark was able to bring the same Sherlock Holmes that we have seen in novels to the big screen. In typical Sherlock fashion he is a very keen and intelligent individual, who has a knack being extremely observational and seeing the bigger picture. Early in the film Sherlock is asked by 3 men to go about solving the murderers because the police aren't of help. Sherlock doesn't seem very interested in their stories but he still looks into the mystery. He doesn’t have any emotion involved it's strictly business to him. When he first gets to look at the woman's corpse he has no emotional connection at all he only wants to know if there are any similarities between this corpse and the earlier one. Sherlock portrays a vast amount of confidence in the film which goes with the classic novels. He never seems to be stumped or a step behind. In fact he is usually a step ahead of everyone else. In the film after meeting the anonymous man at the docks he knew that he had been followed, he was able to tell that he's been being followed since taking on the case. Sherlock was able to use his keen observational skills to decode the message found on the brick wall that the police had tried to hide. Something most people would think nothing of Sherlock was able to determine that the wall had been tampered with and he was able to use his tools to find a new clue. Sherlock is also very manipulative in this movie. The most obvious act of manipulation was with the handshake of Sir Charles Warren, as Sherlock was able to learn the official handshake of the freemasons which Sir Charles Warren was a part off, and he was then able to take the ring off of him. In conclusion the film Murder by Decree

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