Murder Essay

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“Murder” In society there are many issues that people have to deal with. The one I chose to talk about is crime. I decided to talk about it because I believe crime is one the biggest problems we face in society. There are many things we have done to try and prevent crime, but there are battles with each step we take towards a crime free world. Of all the crimes we deal with, murder, in my opinion is the worse. Our country has its own way of handling murder, some are good ways but others are just as bad as the actually crime. My thoughts on the issue of murder are that it is the worst thing a human being can do to another person. For a person to be able to do that, they have to be crazy. Those type of people should never being let loose with the rest of society. Chances are if you have the mental capability to commit that kind of crime once, there is a good chance you will do it again. Those type of people need serious help and not to be let off the hook for “good behavior”. It’s a crime against nature. If you believe in God as I do, and that there is an afterlife, it is hard not to believe that a person that murders another won’t end up in hell. God surely looks at that as a crime against himself. Now, after taking such a harsh view point against murder, I will say that I understand that in some cases it is not murder, it is self defense. The challenges with preventing murder are enormous and cannot be proven effective. In theory, anyone is capable of murder. It’s hard to think that way or even say it. The truth is, with the right push in the wrong direction any one of us could do it given the right motivating factors. Since anyone can do it, some people get away with it because they are not a suspect or it’s almost like the perfect murder. Another problem with prevention is that some people are mentally imbalanced or have insane tendencies and

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