Munich Massacre Essay

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Lauren Russell Abernathy 1010 29 October 2013 Munich Massacre: Analysis The Olympics; nations uniting as one for the sole purpose of proving oneself to all other nations and for achieving greater goals than all others have attempted. These games are a time of friendly competition, settling disputes, and working together as one. It seems as although the Olympics are such an achievement and such a wonderful activity, there happens to be an occurrence in time where the Olympics were more about revenge than competition. In Munich, Germany 1972, the Olympics were held in which every nation came together like the past Olympics however, there was a dispute among the Germans and the Israelis who were in fact invited to participate. The Germans seemed alright with this invitation, however the Palestinians, were not. A lesson derived from the terrible attacks that are soon to be told, attacks known as the Munich Massacre; The Munich Massacre teaches a lesson that whether violence resolves an issue or not, it should not ever be the solution, a way to prove oneself, or a way of attacking any group under any circumstance. The Olympics is the climax of an athlete’s hard work and determination; only Heaven is right above the Olympic status. As well as achieving goals, winning medals, and accomplishing success of an Olympian’s wildest dreams, it is also a time to unite with other nations. Being on good terms with other nations, talking amongst them, shaking their hands, and sharing stories is where the most joy comes from during the Olympics. To be able to find a nation that is not allies with yours, and to go up and talk to people from that nation openly and having them respond in a friendly manner is blissfully why most of the world engages in the Olympics. Competition is very important indeed and achieving goals that athletes have set their minds to for many years is

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