Munich Conference Essay

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Munich Conference o Took place in 1938 o France and England following a policy of appeasement toward Adolf Hitler, choosing not to challenge him on his take over of Czechoslovakia o ‘Drang nach Osten’ drive to the East, combining Austria and Germany – bringing his birth land to the ‘Vaterland’ (this was prevented through the Versailles treaty) o Hope that German aggression to neighbouring countries would subside and war would be averted. o ‘Munich as a warning to the public about the inherent dangers of appeasing aggressors.’ o Threated Austria with invasion unless Prime Minister Schuschnigg retired (retiring on the 11th of March). o 12th March German Government pronounces Austria is part of the German Reich. o Anschluss complete, France and Britain protested however both were not financially capable nor willing to enter into a war over the unification. o Hitler looked to ‘rescue’ the German population within Czechoslovakia totalling 3.5 out of 14 million people. Predominately living in Sudeten. o Since 1932 prominent Nazi Konrad Henlein had fuelled the minorities agitation under Czechoslovakian rule. First to separate from Czech and then to unite with Nazi Germany. o Czechoslavakia unwilling to give up the Sudetenland so easily assessed its military position as well as its diplomatic and military alliances with the Soviet Union and France. o Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain paid two visits to Hitler, at Berchtesgaden and at Godesberg, on the Rhine a few miles above Cologne. o In the first (15 September 1938) Chamberlain ascertained that the führer would take nothing less than surrender of the Sudetenland to Germany. o In the second, a week later, he submitted to Hitler a plan for the prompt and peaceful transfer to Germany of the areas of Czechoslovakia with populations more than 50 percent German. o the new frontier by an

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