Mummy's Curse Essay

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The Mummy’s Curse The Mummy’s Curse has been a topic of interest for almost 100 years now. It started with stories of tragic and unexplainable events that took place with some of the people involved in the discovery and opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb. This story has continued on for nearly a century and many unproven or false details have been added to the story as time has progressed. The story revolved around two men, Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter, and the misfortunes they experienced during this time period. Lord Carnarvon was a wealthy man who put his money and backing behind an archeological exploration led by Howard Carter (Rompalske, 2000). It started with the death of Howard Carter’s pet canary. The bird, a sign of luck, was attacked by a cobra that was a symbol of the Pharaoh on the same day the tomb was discovered. It was also reported that Lord Carnarvon died suddenly at the age of 57 only 4 months after the excavation of the tomb began. At the same time he passed, it was reported that his dog died as well (Skeptic, 2004). Soon every person that died or faced a major issue that had worked with the tomb in any way was said to have been victim to the Mummy’s Curse. There are several theories that have circulated concerning the origins or reasoning behind the Mummy’s Curse. Obviously, some believed that it was truly a curse that came upon people who dared to enter the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Some believed in these mystical powers from the powerful Pharaoh long after his death. It has also been speculated that Howard Carter himself, started the story of the Mummy’s Curse to distract robbers and speculators from visiting the excavation site (Skeptic, 2004). This would seem like a logical explanation. If the people became fearful enough of what could happen to them, they may stay at a distance. Another speculation was that the tomb contained something

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