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For this paper we took a look at what the process was for preserving the mummies of ancient Egypt. It was a lengthy process that could take over a month to fully complete. When the pharaoh died, he was taken and his body was washed with wine (a disinfectant) and water from the Nile. An incision was made along the left side of the body through which the lungs, liver, stomach, and the other organs were removed. These organs were all taken and packed in natron (a type of salt) that would remove moisture that would cause decay. Even the brain was removed from the body by the use of long tongs with hooks through the nose. The only part of the body that was not removed was the heart because it was considered to be the center of intelligence and feeling and the pharaoh would need that in the afterlife. The liver, stomach, lungs, and intestines would be placed in four separate jars and placed in a chest that would be buried with the pharaoh. The body would then be taken and get packed in natron for forty days to remove all the moisture. Once dried, the body was washed and then rubbed down with oils and fragrance to help preserve the skin. The body would be stuffed with herbs, spices, salt, cloth, and even sawdust to give it a more lifelike appearance. The body would then be wrapped which was a very complicated system, sometimes taking almost a week to complete. The head and neck were wrapped first, and then the fingers and toes were all wrapped individually. Next the arms and legs would be wrapped; these layers had small amulets in them to protect the body in its journey to the underworld. The arms and legs would then be wrapped together with the rest of the body which was then covered by a large cloth that went around the entire body. This large cloth was tied down by strips of linen around the middle of the torso and lengthwise from top to bottom. The mummy was then

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