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Concert Critique Due: Friday, April 22, submitted through “Turnitin” on the Blackboard (Proof of attendance “ticket, program, etc…” must be submitted during the class period on the due date). No late essays or no hard copy will be accepted. Purpose: To reflect on a performance of Nineteenth-Century Music by an artist or in a style that appeals to you. Format: Typed (word-processed) paper with 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and 1 inch margins. Length: No restriction Concert: Find a concert that includes at least one nineteenth-century piece in its program and attend that concert in this semester. Be sure to bring proof of your attendance to the class on or before the due date! Without a proper proof, your critique will not be graded. Content: A. Write an introductory paragraph by identifying the nineteenth-century piece(s) from the concert you attended. Who is the composer? What is the title and genre? When was it composed? Discuss its (their) musical contents and significant characteristics in detail. [Please make sure you discuss the detail of music in depth (a long paragraph). You may talk about the plot if it is an opera or a song, but you must provide enough musical characteristics to receive credits] How does that nineteenth-century piece(s) correspond to aesthetics of the time, and also to particular social/cultural activities and ideologies? Please discuss following 3 criteria: First, describe the 19th-century intended audience of the music that you have heard (20pts). Second, discuss general aesthetics and ideologies particular to the society that the intended audience belonged (20pts). Finally, explain how music corresponds to the aesthetics, ideologies, and other aspects of the society that you have discussed above (20pts). Please make sure that you support your opinions with detailed

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