Multisystemic Therapy

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Purpose: This study investigated the effects of treatment dose on treatment outcome among urban African American youth participating in a randomized clinical trial for weight loss. The youths received Multisystemic Therapy, which is an intensive home- and community-based treatment. A secondary purpose was to explore associations between client factors, such as motivation for changing behaviors related to weight loss and mental health status, at the start of treatment and treatment dose. Methods: African American adolescents are at particular risk, with rates of obesity increasing from 19% at age 5 to 33% by age 17. The MST approach provides services to families within their natural ecology: the home, schools, and other community locations. Therapists were available to families for emergencies 24 hr per day, 7 days per week, and sessions was scheduled at times and locations that were convenient to family members.…show more content…
This study also showed that the role of both client characteristics and aspects of treatment delivery in the efficacy of obesity treatment, youth who received more sessions of therapy (higher dose) tended to have greater weight loss. The difference between youth with high session attendance and youth with low session attendance was both statistically significant and clinically meaningful, as the high attenders lost 10 pounds, on average, and low attenders gained 12 pounds. Moreover, greater youth motivation to change behaviors related to weight status was associated with higher treatment dose. Such findings demonstrate the importance of

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