Multiplying Your Talents Essay

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MULTIPLYING YOUR TALENTS Main poem of play: Multiplying your talentS. Acknowledging the source. For it is not by your power or might, But by my spirit says The Lord. It is by his power; And he alone can transfer the power In talents. But with ability comes Responsibility to: Stay focused, Build on those talents. We don't want to get complacent Or stuck, We don't want to forget our source Of power. God. Stay connected, Keep adding more oil Daily, oh Lord. More, more, more. Easy to ask for, yet Hard to get. To get more we have to Give more. More of our lives; More of our time; Less of me, more of you. For what you have will disappear If you don't try and get more. Multiplying your talentS. Acknowledging the source. For it is not by your power or might But by my spirit says The Lord. Story line. Scenarios: School / college / uni Work Church This is the story of 3 ladies, given many talents by God to enable them to shine in their desired areas. Diamond - (education) *praying* "Lord I know you did this, not me. I know I worked hard but you worked harder. You have given me what I do not deserve, but because you are faithful you have done it anyway. I am grateful Lord. Deuteronomy 8.17 says .... But Lord I am not going to do that because I know this is just you.. All you! Thank you Lord." TOTAL FAITH AND PRAYER Rachael - (work) "You have been amazing Rachael, we are really blessed to have you. Your humility, hard work and confidence have made you stand out amongst the crowd. Many other companies have approached you with wonderful offers but you have remained with us, trying to build on the foundations here. We are truly impressed and would like to offer you a promotion, which includes travelling opportunities for you and your family". DILIGENCE AND AN EXCELLENT SPIRIT Michelle - (church) *on the phone* "Oh, sister

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