Multiple Sclerosis Determinants Essay

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Final Project: Multiple Sclerosis Introduction: Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that distresses the brain and spinal cord, central nervous system. In MS the person’s immune system produces cells and proteins that attack the myelin that is a fatty tissue that protects the nerve fibers. There is no known cause of Multiple sclerosis and this disease is not inherited. When the nerve tissue is damaged the signals either slow down or stop completely. The damage is cause by inflammation and is located anywhere along the brain, spinal cord, or optic nerve. Some of the symptoms affiliated with this disease are: loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness, and problems moving limbs, difficulty walking, coordination deterioration, tremors and weakness. Diagnosing MS is often done by an exam and several tests. Proper diagnosing would be through the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and a spinal tap. Although there is no cure for the disease there is treatment for relief of the symptoms. These medications and forms of therapy are given to slow the duration of the disease. Literature Review: Marijuana pills and sprays ease MS symptoms The complementary or alternative medicine therapies for MS are unconventional methods to treat a disease. Researchers of the Oregon Health and Science University focused on the impact that oral cannabis, medical marijuana pills, oral medical marijuana spray, ginkgo biloba had on MS. The persons used in this research study were women of high education and poor health. With the use of marijuana there is no specification if it would interact with the prescribe drugs for MS. The study found that the CAM especially marijuana only alleviated the pain and frequent urination and is not a cure. Also the therapy did not reduce the tremor occurrence. The researchers were also concerned that the marijuana were causing several side effects. The more

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