Multiple Personality Disorder Essay

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Multiple Personality Disorder Summary MPD which stands for Multiple Personality Disorder is one of the most mysterious “illnesses” you could say that is around in today’s world. People who can be just as normal looking as anybody else can suffer from this illness. This is a very unique diagnosis in meaning that a person can have two or sometimes more completely different personalities. The subject may have multiple names for his inner personalities as well as different attitudes and beliefs and even age. “MPD patients behave as if their different identities have their own unique memories and experiences, and many of the identities claim amnesia for the other personalities with whom they coreside” (Spanos, Nicolas P., Dept. of Psychology, Ottawa. ON, Canada). Very rarely does the subject know of the intentions of the other personalities within or even remember anything that may have happened or been said while the other personality is taking over. An interesting fact is that in most cases, women are the victims of MPD and mostly for the fact that they may suffer from post-traumatic-stress more than boys will.. Events such as a traumatic childhood including the subjects being sexually, mentally and/or physically abused is a major factor in the North American culture that goes into MPD. “Severe trauma during childhood produces a mental splitting or dissociation as a defensive reaction to the trauma” (Spanos, Nicolas P). In most cases, these other personalities are a ploy by the subject to help them cope with the traumatizing incidents in their life and thus they may lose control over their over personalities and will sometimes randomly switch personalities without the subject even realizing it. Throughout history, it has been somewhat understood that hypnosis can help someone with MPD although it has been viewed as an “inconclusive” experiment.

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