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Multiple Personality Disorder Essay

  • Submitted by: summerjun
  • on January 18, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Multiple Personality Disorder

Yanjun, Wu

My title is “Multiple Personality Disorder”, which is also known as “Dissociative Identity Disorder” (DID).   This is a very interesting title for me because I cannot imagine how a person can have more than one personality.
In my opinion, “Multiple Personality Disorder” is an illness.
““Multiple Personality Disorder” was a dissociative disorder in which means one person has two or more distinct personalities which definition I found in my “BESTA” electric dictionary. “Multiple Personality Disorder” is an illness which I believe, so we have some treatment for this illness.   In my paper, I will try to explain what kinds of treatment may help those people who have Multiple Personality Disorder.   Even if this is an illness, if they receive treatment then they could still have a happy life, because I think that treatment will help patients reduce pain.
In the general treatment, many patients who have Multiple Personality Disorder frequently hide their difficulties from clinicians because dissociation supposedly erases patients’ memories of their own trauma histories.   If we want the treatment become successfully, we have to require the patient to search their memories for each supposed trauma and then to abreact the memories and associated emotions.   It needs to consume hours of each day (Piper and Merskey, 2004).   Psychotherapy treatment is one of the treatment can help the patients who have multiple personality disorder search their painful traumatic memories.   This treatment could help patients believe they have multiple personalities and confront the past and traumatic events.   When the patient has very serious Multiple Personality Disorder, Psychotherapy treatment could combine with Medication treatment.   However, it needs clinicians to be extra careful about the monitoring because it could damage patient’s health.   Hence, we do not recommend clinicians to use this...

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