Multiple or a Portfolio of Projects Essay

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Projects management has numerous components that are affiliated in groups that will encounter significant roles to the completion of projects in a timely manner. Project management is the highest resource in an organization structure as it is used from the basic design or aspect to the largest project in the organization. The components will involve the planning, organizing, influencing and controlling in a format creating a endeavor involving an efficient way of completing the change. Therefore, planning involves the outline of the project then determining how the task will be assigned pursuant to the organizational goals or objectives that were initialized in the stages so it is completed timely (Whetten and Cameron, 2011). Inasmuch, managers are vital in the aspect as those individuals by executing the planning process. In a global aspect this will provide an indication as to the process of how the company or organization will achieve their goals short term or long term (Northouse, 2007). The organization manager format will assign tasks to various groups in the company or organization. It is the creation of means through which the plans can be executed. Influencing involves the manager’s capability to motivate and direct employees. Henceforth this is providing guidance to employees regarding how activities are to be directed to the ultimate success of the organization. Controlling is the manager’s role of comparing actual performance and expected performance which is in accordance with the organization’s norms. Nevertheless, what action should be taken next after adjustments have been made calculated based on the production for the desired performance level to be achieved (Whetten and Cameron, 2011). Project management will entail various processes such as controlling, organizing, monitoring, and adhering to procedures and processes of achieving

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