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Multiple myeloma | Myeloma cell (abnormal plasma cell) making M proteins. | By: Michelle Carrico Student Id: 4173618 First described in 1848, Multiple Myeloma is characterized by a proliferation of malignant plasma cells and a subsequent overabundance of monoclonal paraprotein (M protein. (Government) Multiple Myeloma is also called Plasma-cell myeloma because the myeloma begins in the plasma cells inside the body. Multiple myeloma is only one type of cancer in the cancer group. American Cancer Society predicts that 20,520 new cases of multiple myeloma will be diagnosed in 2011 alone. (Government) Myeloma is a cancer that begins in plasma cells they are located in the white blood cells. (Mayo clinic staff) Myeloma is the…show more content…
Having a family history of multiple myeloma, other possible risk factors chemicals or germs, decline in the immune system, specific occupations certain foods or being obese.( Government ) The changes of myeloma to develop in more than one member of a family are very low(Unknown ) The primary effect of multiple myeloma in the body is the bones.( Government ) Some of the main symptoms of multiple myeloma are bone pain in the back and ribs, broken bones mostly in the spine, feelings of being weak, thirsty, fevers unexplained, weight loss, nausea, frequent urination.( Government…show more content…
To test the kidney function lab has the urine collected over twenty four hour period and measures the amount of M protein in the urine. Often times the patient is then to have a serious of x-rays to determine the amount of broken or thinning bones caused by myeloma cells (Unknown). Bone Damage caused by myeloma cells leads to bone loss. Bone destruction causes calcium levels in the bloodstream to rise. (Government) This is called

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