Multiple Intelligences Theory

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Provide a brief overview of Gardner’s theory and its significance. The multiple intelligences theory was developed by Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner in 1983. This theory gives seven ways that people understand and perceive the world. This theory also suggests that there are ways of testing for intelligence based on that certain individual. Gardner claims that all human beings have multiple intelligences. These multiple intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened, or ignored and weakened. He believes each individual has multiple intelligences. Summarize each of the “Seven Intelligences” using your own words. Linguistic is the ability to use spoken or written words. The logical-mathematical intelligence involves using your thinking, reasoning and logic abilities, in addition to the use of numbers and abstract pattern recognition. The visual-spatial involves the ability to mentally visualize objects and spatial dimensions. The body-kinesthetic intelligence is when an individual uses the wisdom of their body and the ability to control their physical motion. The fifth intelligence is the musical-rhythmic intelligence which is the ability to master music as well as rhythms, tones and beats. The interpersonal intelligence is the ability to communicate effectively with other people and to be able to develop relationships. The seventh intelligence is the intrapersonal intelligence which is the ability to understand your own emotions, motivations, inner states of being, and self-reflection. Discuss at least two of the “Seven Intelligences” that apply most closely to you, providing examples to illustrate your point. The first intelligence that is closely related to me would be the interpersonal intelligence. I am definitely a "people person" and I interact and build relationships very fast. I can usually get along with all types of

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