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The Theory of Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner talks about the different types of intelligences in one of his most famous pieces, “The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.” Intelligence is a general skill that is found in variable amounts in all persons. Gardner talks about how IQ tests are made to brain wash the student into thinking he/she is not ‘intelligent,’ when in fact it is quite the opposite. Intelligence is widely based on how well a student can answer a set of logic questions, whereas Gardner argues it is more based on simply different ways of learning. Gardner articulated several criteria for a behavior to be an intelligence to which he divided seven headings. By his reasoning and ideas, Gardner persuades his reader to realize that every person is capable of being intelligent in many ways. Gardner’s basic concept is that it is not about how smart a person is, it is about how a person is smart. Gardner starts out his piece with two eleven year-old children taking a test that is based on ‘intelligence.’ One student is considered ‘average,’ while the other student is considered ‘intelligent’ (Gardner 507). The student that is more intelligent is thought to be so because he/she can answer logic questions more efficiently than the average student. Teachers now expect the ‘better’ student to do very well in formal schooling whereas the other student may struggle with his/her studies. In the end, the ‘average’ student became the more successful adult with a better job and accomplishments. Human cognitive capability is better described in terms of a set of abilities, talents, or mental skills (Gardner 509). There is a difference between a person’s intelligence and intelligent human behavior (Gardner 510). Multiple intelligences theory counteracts the logic questions; it is more based on cultural settings or different types of communities. The

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