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Multiple Births Essay

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Multiple births
What is a multiple birth?
When more than one foetus is carried to term in a single pregnancy.

Different types of twins?
Fraternal twins: Fraternal twins make up approximately 75% of the twin population and can be boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl sets. There are two most common ways of having fraternal twins, there is superfecundation and superfetation. Superfecundation happens when a woman ovulates more than one ova during her cycle, and different sperm fertilises the two different eggs. A woman may inherit a gene which causes her two release more than one ova in regular her cycle, the question “do twins run in your family?”   Superfetation occurs when a woman is already pregnant when she ovulates and she releases another egg. A different sperm then comes and fertilises the second ova. Even though the babies were conceived on different dates most likely they will be delivered at the same time. Since fraternal twins are formed by two separate ovum fertilised by two different sperm which could possibly turn out that the fraternal twins may have different father. Making them half-brothers. Fraternal twins share up to 50% of their genes, and are no more alike or different than any two siblings would be.
Identical twins: Identical twins happen when a fertilised ova is split into two, usually this happened in the first 12 days of a woman’s pregnancy. As far as scientists know there is no reason why the ova splits, it’s just random. When a fertilised ova begins its natural division process the ova actually breaks into two, instead of dividing. Identical twins have pretty much identical brain wave patterns. They can share very similar physical features. So if one twin’s tooth doesn’t grow in, his/her identical twin will very likely miss the tooth as well.
Multiple births
Identical twins are not really identical but they are really similar twins. Identical twins share the same DNA but don’t have identically the same DNA. The environment for the...

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