Multilateralism And Unilateralism Essay

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the United States of America (USA) inevitably assumed the role of a “Global Leader”. This shifted position within the international community provided the American theorists of foreign policy with new tasks. to find a suitable strategic orientation of the activities in the field of foreign policy. Over the last decade in particular two competing schools of thought have prevailed – in the form of unilateralism and multilateralism. the term “Unilateralism” is often associated with the Republican Party, while “Multilateralism” is applied to the Democratic Party. it will become relatively easy to examine their realization in the foreign policy patterns of the Clinton and Bush Administration. The conviction that America has an exceptional status is deep rooted and has helped to provide the nation as a whole with a sense of identity both in the interior and also in the exterior, This conception of their own exceptional role in the world becomes evident in the words of Thomas Paine in 1776: “We have it in our power to begin the world all over again“. In the context of foreign policy the term “Multilateralism” describes a state’s quest to assert its interests and goals through cooperation and coalitions with other states. If a state pursues a unilateral foreign policy it is supported by its own forces, irrespective of whether these are based on a strong economy, a high technological standard or on strong military capacities. 18 A) Unilateralism The advocates of unilateralism tend to consider the world order as unipolar. In an unipolar system there is first of all an undisputed super power – the USA -, which is superior to the other states in the economical, military and technological domain, secondly there are a couple of major powers and several powers with a smaller amount of power.19 Thus, only the USA, as the supporting pillar of the world order, can be the sole

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