Multiculturalism Week 5 Journal

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Week 5 Journal This week’s essay key points in the assigned readings has us discussing what was the most surprising fact that was discovered during our research on the topic of multicultural education, and why multiculturalists are working so hard for reform of curriculum in our schools as well. I would have to say that the most surprising fact that I have discovered during my research on multicultural education was the ignorance and intolerance that the school system had on handicapped children, and the fact that multicultural was not thought to be made mandatory for all teachers. This ultimately means that ignorance needs to stop to exist. In order to teach our children right from wrong, we need to show them and/or provide them with the appropriate and proper knowledge because we as teachers should be able to function on all levels. As human beings, we know that prejudice and stereotyping is not going to stop because this is the way of the world. Multiculturalists are working hard for reform of curriculum in schools, because they think that the school system is not working as it should. Multiculturalists feel that minority groups are the ones who take the most abuse in school (just because of their race). Based upon my experience in education I will apply this content in my classroom by teaching my students about bullying, sexual harassment, and race. Multiculturalists believe that the reform will lead to a more fair educational system, because this can help assist us in preparing our future leaders to be able to live and work in a peaceful diverse society.…show more content…
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