Multiculturalism in Canadian Identity

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Multiculturalism in Canadian Identity Multiculturalism is an enormous part of this place we call Canada. Diversity and multiculturalism has been a part of Canadian history for as long as it’s been a country. Canada’s diversity is like no other. There isn’t another place just like Canada in the world. It’s our identity; it’s what makes Canada Canada, a nation for every individual which have equal opportunity in life and success, despite colour, race, or religion. People all over the world have immigrated here and made their marks on the society Canada. Multiculturalism is portrayed as the identity of Canada, as witnessed in the attitudes towards immigrants, ethnic and racial diversity and in Canada’s multicultural policy. Before World War II Canada was mainly inhabited by immigrants of Western European culture and religion, so immigrants either than this cultural background were considered foreigners due to their race, colour and customs. Despite the differences with these “foreigners” Canada needed people. They needed people to work the farmland in the prairies, work in mining, forestry and factory positions and to build the nation of Canada. Gradually as immigration was increasing racial fears were starting to develop and anti-immigration was on the rise. Many people feared these “foreigners” took many jobs from native born citizens. Also, many social problems were created. For instance French –Canadians feared immigrants would cause an unbalance in Quebec's delicate French-English political and social balance in favour of non-French speakers. The government responded to this by prohibiting Asian immigration, Eastern European immigration was difficult and immigration was closed to southern European and Jews. Post War caused the government to result to assimilation of immigrants, starting from schools of children very young in schools, and the rest of

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