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My Multicultural Experiences Brenda Chen University of Phoenix January 26, 2014 An unforgettable experience I had with a multicultural environment was when I lived in a group home. During my teen years, I grew increasingly angry and rebellious after my father had a stroke and passed away. This event led to my deep depression and fear of almost everything. Eventually, I was hospitalized for hitting my sister’s boyfriend and severe depression. When I was discharged my mom was unable to take care of me. I was sent to live in an all girl’s group home as a foster youth. It was an experience that truly opened my eyes to reality. What I did not know when I first arrived at my new home was who I would be living with. I wanted so badly to not be in the foster care system and believed I would never get along with anyone outside of my own race. My first roommate at my group home was an African-American girl who was nothing but welcoming. Every morning she would turn on the radio to the local hip hop station blasting it very loudly. Every day, before she left for school, we ate breakfast together. After she ran away, I had another roommate who was Pilipino who became one of my best friends. The group home’s staff varied too. My counselor who helped me through my pain the most was white. Many times we had disagreements on things like with me getting a job when I was busy with high school or how I did not want a tutor who was Asian because it reminded me of my past traumas. My counselor and I did move past our disagreements and in time I realized she only meant well and did care about me in different ways than what I was used to. My all girl’s group home consisted of three rooms for six girls. There were always two female staff in the day time, two in the afternoon, and one staff at night. It was in my hometown in a very

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