Multicultural Managers and Their Role in Innovation Review

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A recent research has proved that multicultural managers held some unique features and also critical points that make them better than the mono-cultural one. The research summarized some of these features such as their ability to be creative, to share complex knowledge across locations, contexts and cultures and to manage global innovation and product development teams effectively- these features are which make them better than mono-cultural manager. But just being a multicultural does not mean ones easily own those advantages mentioned above. If a person is placed in a multicultural environment he/she should have some skill or even personality such as social skill, being extroverted, assertive, etc. Besides those personal traits, there is another barrier for multicultural manager/environment to be effective. Organizational culture, human resource management policies and cultural value conflicts in the organization are some of the examples. To be concluded, multicultural managers do have their own advantages and disadvantages. As mentioned above, being placed in multicultural environment or work as a multicultural manager is easier to say than to be done. To be a good multicultural manager ones need an exceptional social skill, if not they only trouble themselves in the future. A multicultural can be an innovative person if they are willingly to blend with others culture, but on the other hand the can also become a burden if they cannot adapt in the environment. Someone who works in multicultural environment has to be ready to face a conflict any time because of different values & interests in it. A system where managers are placed in multicultural environment is very common used in a multinational company, or now even in national company. For example in Indonesia, some companies hire an employee from overseas because they are considered to be more skilled for
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