Multicultural Literature Narrative Essay

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Multicultural Literature Narrative Essay Eng/157 Professor _____________________ _______________________ Living in New Jersey back in 2006 and working in New York between 5th and 6th avenues i remember that it was the most diversify environment i never been and i think one of the most diversify city in the world, if not the most. Multicultural environment create a challenge place for people who just go in to them because do not have any kind of knowledge regarding what can be interpreted from others with respect and what is not. As part of the stay in my job at New York, i was working with Orthodox Jews people. My experience in a Jews environment-working place was unforgettable one because i learned so much from their belief and vice versa, they learned so much from me because im Christian Evangelist. They were very interested to know more about Jesus but i know that they are very careful that someone do not offend them because Orthodox believe more about Moses and the old Testament. My boss was Mr. David and we have a great coworker professional relation at the point that they promote me to be the contact for their business for all middle and South America. Regarding their way to live i remember one of its most respect tradition and it is when they are going to buy something they look first if there is a business where have the product they are looking for that the owner is Jews, if not they buy it in any other place. I think that kind of mentality help promote their economy and the economy of their countries. Imagine if we support us more often, people will have opportunities to work i their country instead of migrate to another one for better opportunities. Other tradition was to pray at certain time during the day, i was impress because they do it at that specific time while i was don’t it in different

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