Multicultural Lesson Plan Essay

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Multicultural lesson Plan Analysis Essay Formatting: This is an electronic template for papers written in GCU style. The purpose ovTitle: Education as life Name: University: Date: Bush school Education in West Africa Introduction Many people consider education as merely a preparation for future life. Consequently, students are not exposed to practical education which results into incompetence when they graduate from their schools. Teachers also emphasize more on theoretical education in current education systems which do not impart practical knowledge to students. It is a fact that this practical knowledge that is a representation of life itself. It is argued that traditional schools such as bush schools were more practical because they taught learners about practical activities. This article looks into the contribution of bush schools in West Africa towards practicality in life. Bush Schools in West Africa The bush schools of West Africa provided some of the means by which the youths were introduced to the cultural patterns of the community. This was aimed at making the youth have a background that allowed them to become responsible members of the society. there were initiations into membership of a society. In this case, a young member could only be considered a full member of the society after he/she had been initiated. An example of such a school is Timbuktu. Some of the things learned in these schools are as listed below: (A). African Art as part of every day life In these schools, traditional African art is considered. Analyze Two Multicultural Lesson Plans The Lesson plan from SIOP: Healthy and Unhealthy Foods for Kindergarten Are the objectives aligned with academic standards? I believe they are because this lesson plan is teaching communication skills along with listening, viewing, and presenting. Are the assessments aligned withtheobjectives? Yes
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