Multicultural Concepts Essay

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Running head: Multicultural Concepts 1 Multicultural Concepts Chelsie J. Bonner ENG 157 July 21, 2014 Michael Cromwell Multicultural Concepts It’s evident that there are many different cultures throughout the world. Each culture has its similarities and differences. For example, a similarity would be the United States class system and India’s caste system. While it is a similarity because it shows the different classes of people, it could also be a difference because they are significant to the two cultures in different ways. Each culture has a similar structural system such as political, military, religion, and social structures. I am going to examine and discuss three multicultural concepts, cultural identity, racial identity, and cultural values. Many people throughout the world identify themselves by their cultural background, such as Silvia in the story “A Yellow Woman” In the story a white mocks the identity of a Native American woman named Sylvia. In the rancher’s eye, there is no difference between different tribes of Native Americans; he will not distinguish Pueblo from Navajo, but just groups these two persons he meets together according to the stereotype he believes, the Indians. She was repeatedly called an “Indian” by a white American who displayed zero respect for Native Americans’ culture. Standing in front of such Americans who come from outside of the tribe or the reservation, Native Americans lose their respective identification but all follow a general definition which is set up by Americans colonizers. Once she is away from the designated area of freedom, they are subjected to the domination by

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