Multicultural Competency Paper

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Multi-Culture Competency Paper Tina Sams PYSCH/535 September 30, 2012 Dr. Gardner Multi-culture Competency Paper Introduction This paper is about the multi-cultures and how each of them will have several different from each other. The individual that belong to these cultures are shaped and influenced by the beliefs, values and the attitudes of the different cultures. Their cultures may influence the perceptions and how people interact with other that are ethnically and racially different from each other along with themselves. Biases, Perceptions, Attitudes and Beliefs There are a lot of people and that are influenced and shaped by many factors. By being bias, having the wrong perception and the different attitudes and beliefs are what makes each and every one of us different. People have very different perspective about how they feel the different cultures and the beliefs. It is very easy to get a bias opinion or an attitude toward a group or a culture because this may be new and you don’t know how to handle or accept it. Each culture has to live by one self’s attitudes and beliefs that we all have to get used to and that could cause a lot of bias, misperception and a lot of misunderstanding. People need to be understandable about others needs and their beliefs. Everyone including me should be held accountable for our action so we need to make sure that we respect those around us and what they do along with their beliefs. Attitudes and Perception Influence Individuals are urged to become aware and sensitive to their own attitudes as well as others because they may be biased and culturally limited more than they think. It is an eye-opening situation when we see that there are a lot of people that show or contribute to the negative attitudes toward other cultures or races. There needs to be some improvements in the attitudes because

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