Multi Modal Talk Essay

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Nearly everybody uses a mobile phone and social networking sites these new technologies use languages which are multi-modal. It means texting on mobiles. It also means tweeting, emails and all kinds of other online chat services. There are plenty of reasons that we do this for example in text messages or even twitter we only have a certain number of letters that we can use or even to just get our point across quicker, we therefore shorten the words, clipping them we also compress the words by missing vowels out. Multi-modal is also similar to written language for example it is the same as when we write a letter we have a greeting and a signing off, we would start a letter with dear so and so just like we would start a text to somebody you would put hello. Multimodal is also similar to written English for example you use punctuation in text messages and also written English although you might exaggerate this by expressing your emotions and put it more than once. Multimodal is also similar to spoken language, in spoken language we use slang, repetition also for instance when people are talking and they need time to think of a response, they will use fillers such as “um” and “err”. This is the same for when people are typing, when people respond with things such as “um” and “Erm” it tells the other person that they are thinking. The language of texting is very creative there are many factors which do this, some people sometimes write words that are spelt differently but sound the same these are called homophones, people also use abbreviations, or short phrases like LOL which would normally stand for laugh out loud this is called an acronym. Here is an example of a text message “what u doing tnyt mate ” here ellipsis has been used missing words out to make the text shorter the emoticon is also used to replace the paralinguistic feature which would be used in a face

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