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The term ‘global village’ is an expression that describes the perception that the world has shrunk in the past century. Globalisation has simplified the movement of people which has led to people from different nations, cultures and religions mixing on a scale not seen before. As a result of this cultural mix societies have found themselves with large and disparate groups that are part of the same nation. In many cases this has led to race relation problems on both a large and small scale. The question this paper will attempt to answer is, whether the pluralist multi-culturalism offers the potential for more harmonious race relations in ethnically diverse societies. In the first part of the essay there is going to be a brief presentation of the idea of pluralism and then moving into the theory of pluralist multi-culturalism. It is then going to look at the arguments for and against pluralist multi-culturalism, then to finish; the essay will conclude that pluralist multi-culturalism does offer the potential for more harmonious race relations. Since the nineteen century pluralism has had a huge impact on the relationship between the state and society. One of the main topics that pluralism has dealt with is to present a critique of the state but interestingly it has paid very little attention to the theory of the state (Hay et al, 2006). According to pluralists the state power should be limited and distributed in order to prevent its accumulation in the hands of a small number of people. Nichols (1975) argues that the three principles of pluralism are liberty, groups being seen as individuals and that there should be rejection of state sovereignty (Hay et al, 2006). The group politics are such a vital part of pluralism because they ensure broader democratic representation (Haywood, 2007).There are quite a few branches of pluralism, for example radical

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