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MultiChannel Retailing ( Retail Management ) 4:30-5:30 Reported By: MM31FB1 Christian Lyn F. Fetizanan Camille Mirafuente Rochelene Daria Submitted to : Sir Gerardo Monteclaro Multichannel Retailing – is the merging of retail operations in such a manner that enables the transacting of customers via many connected channels. Multichannel retailers – are retailers that sell merchandise or services through more than one channel. 3 retail channels : * Store Channel – a retail establishment selling items to the public. -it offers several benefits to the consumers that they cannot get when they shop trough catalogs or internet. BENEFITS : a. Browsing – shoppers often have only a general sense of what they want but don’t know the specific item they want. They prefer to browse to stores before they decide . b. Touching and feeling products – the opportunity of the consumers to use their five senses when examining products. c. Personal service – sales associates have the capability to provide meaningful and personalized information. d. Cash and credit payment – stores are the only channel that received cash payments. They prefer this because it is easy and does not result in potential interest payments. Some customers uses credit cards rather than sending the payment information via internet. e. Entertainment and social experiences – In store shopping can be stimulating experience for some people, providing a break in their daily routine and enabling them to interact with friends. f. Immediate gratification –allowing customers to get the merchandise immediately after the buy it. g. Risk reduction – the store is easily accessible in case the merchandise is defective or unsuitable, ad customers can simple receive credit for it. * Catalog Channel – it offers the convenience of looking the merchandise and placing an order

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