Multculturism in Australia Essay

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Multiculturalism in Australia Student’s Name Institution Multiculturalism in Australia Thesis The growth and development of Australia can only be achieved through the involvement of all the Australians regardless of the cultural background. Multiculturalism provides the basis for a sustainable population which is critical for the development. Introduction Multiculturalism is a concept that embodies an ethnic acceptance of, and respect for, inclusion, community harmony and cultural diversity. Today, Australia is regarded as one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world. The country’s population has continued to grow significantly since the last increasing rates of immigration. Over the last 50 years, over seven million immigrants have moved into Australia, coming from over 160 countries worldwide. This has led to the increased cultural diversity with the different cultures of the different communities being expressed in the form of arts, literature, music, dress codes, sports and food. Indeed, there are over 270 languages spoken in Australia, while only 60% of the population represents indigenous Australians. The remaining 40% is represented by: 20% constitute of the immigrants and the remaining 20% are the individuals who have one immigrant parent. This is the cultural picture of the Australian community which has led to increased growth and development of the country. Australian Multiculturalism The opinion on multiculturalism has been divisive and this has been enhanced by some leaders who encourage the marginalization of the asylum seekers and other immigrants. Most of the criticisms of the multiculturalism have been through the know rhetoric of ‘culture wars’ which terms the concept of multiculturalism as an element of ‘elitism’ and ‘political correctness’ which give too much attention to the needs of the minorities at the expense of ‘ordinary’ or

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