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The movie Mulan was based on the Ancient China and it has many similarities and differences. Some of the similarities of the movie to the culture were the idea of the Great Wall; the Great Wall was used to keep invaders out. Also Mulan is training to become a bride just, like in their culture. They went to something like a finishing school type thing. Mulan had many rulers with her culture such as the 5 key relationships. 1-Ruler to subject, 2-partnet to child, which Mulan breaks many times in this movie. 3- Husband to wife, 4-elder brother to younger brother,5- friend to friend. In the movie Mulan disrespects her father and disobeys one of these laws. When she ran out into the street and raised her voice at the dinner table are fine examples of this. In the case of the war the similarities are woman can’t fight which is in the movie and with their culture. Also if a woman was caught in fighting in the war or was caught trying she would be killed. Also with the war you have to go to a training camp and make it past that, then you can fight in the war. In the culture you have to go to this training camp so that they know that you are brave enough and strong enough to fight in the war. More of the similarities with the war is that the Huns would have many worriers and China would have just a few fighters. In the movie when Mulan’s father finally figures out where Mulan has taken off you he runs and prayers to their ancestors. In the movie and their culture their ancestors play a huge roll in their life. They have temples in their yards just to worship

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