Muh Ado About Nothing Essay

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Shakespeare In Much Ado About Nothing, most of the characters had interesting relationships with each other. For example, Hero and Claudio, were deeply in love. Also, Don pedro, and Don John were fighting with each other. Another example was the close friendship between Benedick , Claudio, and Donpedro. But the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice was different than the others. In their relationship, they hate each other, that is what brought them together. Their personalities were so similar, that it made them sick of each other, but the similarities in their personalities is also what brought them together. Benedick is a smart, good-looking, and funny guy. He is very witty, and always had a response to anyone"s comments. For example, when he talks to Beatrice, he always has a comment to finish of the conversation. He also didn"t like the idea of marriage. Benedick thought that marriage led to the trapping of men. When he heard about Claudio getting married, Benedick thought that Claudio was crazy, because Bene*censored* felt that marriage was going to change the way Claudio lived. Bene*censored* was also very stubborn. He never wanted to give into other people"s ideas, and that was why he didn"t want to give into the idea that marriage could be a good thing in a person"s life. Beatrice was a character very similar to Bene*censored*. She was a very independent person, and didn"t want to rely on anyone for support. She also was very smart. She enjoyed reading poetry, and thought about things a lot. She also was against marriage. During one conversation, she even said that she would rather die than get married. Another characteristic of Beatrice was that she was very emotional. She often changed her mood all of a sudden for no apparent

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