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THE HISTORY OF ROCK-AND-ROLL During the early 1950’s, Southern African Americans who had migrated to Chicago created an urbanized electric rhythm and blues that preceded rock-and-roll. From rhythm and blues artists such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry arose. In the 1960’s African Americans continued to create new styles in music such as the Motown sound, the soul explosion. The disco beat and the modern day hip-hop came short after. The rising musical styles often coincided with and reflected the African American struggle with equality. The electric blues of Muddy Waters became popular during the Civil Rights movement during the 1950’s. Muddy Waters was among one of the firsts to start playing a new, electrified sound called rhythm…show more content…
This style became known as rock-and-roll. By 1955 artists like Muddy Waters had already turned 40. This made room for new, younger, wilder artists such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Little Richard, born in Macon, Georgia, had sang in a Baptist church choir as a child and later on got a gospel/R&B contract for Camden Records. After a few years Little Richard began to change his style. He went from traditional rhythm and blues to a wild madman who crashed the piano keys and screamed nonsense lyrics at a very fast paced speed. During the beginning of his transformation, his black audiences didn’t respond positively to his music. Later in 1955 Little Richard got a contract with Specialty Records, recorded “Tutti Fruitti”, and sold over 200,000 copies within a week and a half (RIT 18). “Tutti-Fruitti” was exciting enough to get played on the white stations. “Even though the words had been cleaned up, the song’s pure sexual excitement came though as plain as day” (RS 55). Little Richard and his band “The Upsetters” took risks by dressing up in flamboyant clothing, wearing pancake makeup with eye shadow, and delivering a wild stage…show more content…
(1) “Presley was “the King” because he was the musical personification of what rock and roll was” (RR 40). Rock and roll was developed as a biracial music. Presley’s musical style truly embodied the biracial influences. (2) “His multifaceted personality and his musical versatility meant that his appeal could be broadened beyond that of the typical rock and roll star” (RR 41). Different types of people could relate to Elvis. He appealed to those who were looking for a sex symbol, a “hood” image, and even someone who valued respect for God. (3) “Elvis’s commercial success was overwhelming” (RR 42). By the time of Elvis’s death five-hundred million copies of his records had been sold. Even after his death that number would multiply. He holds many records in the music industry, such as, the most consecutive Top 10 records and the longest stay at the number 1 position (forty-seven weeks). Soon after Elvis Presley came back from the war during the 1960’s, rockabilly ended and paved the way for teen

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