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Muck up day pranks have gone too far! Through recent years muck up day have escalated in vandalism and violence as graduating students compete in muck up day pranks, in an attempt to outdo the previous year before them. This amplifying problem has come to this schools attention due to the growing media slaughtering of schools in relation to muck up day. In secondary schools, 'Muck up day' is an unofficial tradition where graduating year 12 students partake in pranks and a variety of other activities on their ultimately official last day of school. Many of these pranks are now out of control with armies of drunken hooligans roaming the streets in a quest for trouble. Police have called for a prohibition on muck up day after they were rushed to clean up the chaos and monstrosity left behind by stupefied little devils - or purely intoxicated teenagers, some were even underage. Despite this, restrictions should be placed on muck up day and the traditional celebratory day should not be completely banned. Quite clearly, the array of incidents reported on muck up day indicates that there is an alarming increase in the level of disrupting behavior in the community. It is becoming more violent and dangerous. In 2008 alone, statistics show that over 50% of 14-19 year olds had consumed alcohol with 25% of these drinking on a weekly or daily basis. This is led to alcohol fueled violence in the community, particularly in the CBD throughout recent months which have been labeled the worst in recent years with warnings from Opposition Leader Ted Bailleu that the figures that have been put out by police is showing that violent crime and assaults have soared in some parts of Melbourne by more than 75% over the past 7 years. This has become crystal clear and apparent as Xavier's entire year 12 class was suspended in response to an incident that resulted in one of their peers being

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