Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice And Benedick Analysis

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How do Beatrice and Benedick use language to show their feelings to one another? “Much Ado About Nothing” written by William Shakespeare is set in the time of Queen Elizabeth. In this play there are two characters that hate and love each other. This characters are Beatrice and Benedick. Every time they see each other they have a repartee. Their repartees are very quickly and a little bit mean. But the truth is that they are very proud to accept that they love each other. In scene one we can see that Beatrice is the first that mention Benedick of all the characters but she mention him in a mean way “ I pray you, is Signior Mountanto returned from the wars or no?” This quotation shows us that Beatrice cares about Benedick but she express it in a mean way saying that Benedicck is a “show off.” Also Beatrice refers him as a stuffed man “ He is no less than a stuffed man.” The first impressions…show more content…
Beatrice is the one that starts this one. “I wonder that you will still be talking Signior Benedick nobody marks you.” This shows us that Beatrice wants to talk to him but she does it insulting him. Benedick responds really quickly “What my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?” Here Benedick is saying that Beatrice feels that she is inferior to everyone and she can say anything because she is inferior. In Act II where there is a party in Leonatos house Beatrice talks to a masked man and tell awful things about Benedick to him. “He is the prince’s jester: a very dull fool…” This is telling u that Beatrice knows that the masked men is Benedick but she wants to make him feel bad. After that Benedick explodes and go talk with Don Pedro. “But that my Lady Beatrice should know me, and not know me! The prince’s fool! Ha...? Bendick feels very bad for the things that Betrice think about him and we can see that Benedick cares about what Beatrice thinks of
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