Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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Much ado about nothing Oh Claudio, my love, Claudio, what information could have wronged you into questioning my maiden truth? His words they cut me like piercing daggers. I see him burn me in the fires of his eyes! Or may it be a slander that he and Don Pedro have thrown upon me? To destroy my very being and ridicule me in front of society? Fie, Claudio, out on thee seeming! I thought thy loved me and here thee stands with the supposition of my purity. A man has no love in him, who would be capable of such a charge of wrongdoing! Ill beast to have turned my own father to hate me, to ruin my reputation and name! Oh how am I beset! Dear, father how could he not believe his own flesh and blood, the very infant he hath raised and taught so well? Why doth he question my innocence? Hath he no faith? What have I done to deserve such treachery? Just because the Princes say so, I’m instantly guilty? Or a common stale as they so think? I have always followed my duties as the king’s daughter, I have always done what was expected of me, never have I been full of disdain, true to my word I have always been. Yet me? A rotten orange? A hiren? I am not! But none I say will justify that, the Prince’s words are believed over mine, especially now that I am the accused! My soul is nothing but honest. Dear god, I pray father sees through this libel ere my fate is dark and draw me to death. I am not prepared to die for I have not yet lived! Although, his ill words it feels as if Claudio hath killed me a thousand deaths. Could his heart still be pure but his mind only mistaken? Dost I still have the chance at marriage if I were proven pure? If he were to o’er wroght this vile event and love me still, O! The absolute, quaint life we should live! For if Claudio is not to tax for the unpregnant accusation then I cannot abhor him, my love is still egal as ere and I do fancy to marry

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