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Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ explores the nature for true love in which the lovers are flawed and lack charm. It is the love that acts as a motivation causing the characters to act irrationally and unpredictably. This particular concept is known for Beatrice and Benedick. “Beatrice and Benedick portray a deflating antagonist image of sexual relationships” (York Notes Advanced (pg. 74) through their high level of wit and consult repartee towards one another. The characters of Beatrice and Benedick display an unusual relationship which is one way that Shakespeare creates comedy within ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ (Much Ado). Of all of deception and trickery that runs through ‘Much Ado’ one of the most prominent is the love affair between Beatrice. Deception plays a fundamental role in Much Ado About Nothing because it is one of the elements of laughter in it. Much Ado about Nothing is particularly admired for the wit and intelligence of Benedick and Beatrice, the warring couple which are comically tricked into falling love. Benedick is a vain, confident bachelor who holds a very typical view of women: no lady is ever good enough for him and to increase his self-esteem and personal view of his status in society by the constant insults and witty exchanges between the two characters at the beginning of the play. The character of Beatrice is strong and independent in which people would have seen her as a shrew and scapegoat in the Elizabethan period who would speak up for herself who needed taming. It is the subversive characteristics of Beatrice that creates a sense of comedy in the play, especially by the end with her change in view of marriage. However, both Benedick and Beatrice are very similar to one another through both their uses of intelligent wit and strong, independent values but also through their shared beliefs of no one being good enough for them;

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